Monday, 25 June 2018

Turkish Imperialism Is On The Rise Again, and Turkey In Particular You Need To Keep An Eye On As They Are The King Of The North In These Perilous Last Days!!

Turkish Imperialism And The Rise Of The Next German Reich: Germany And Austria Declare That They Will Be Expanding Their Border Patrols Into The Balkans, As Germany, Austria And Italy Plan On Forming “Axis” Coalition, While Austria Pushes For Muslim Albania To Become A Member Of The European Union
The Austrians are talking about expanding their border patrol into the Balkan states, while at the same time they want Albania — Turkey’s biggest ally in the Balkans — to become an EU member state, which will only give more leverage to the Turks. 
2018-06-23 21:47:30-04
Did An Uzbek “Terrorist” Just Out Himself In Court As A Government Shill To Promote A False Flag Attack?
Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek migrant who was involved in a terror attack in Manhattan, has said that he did as part of his work with ISIS to impose an “Islamic State”: An Uzbek immigrant was charged with mowing down and killing eight people with a truck in New York City.
2018-06-23 22:14:27-04
Canada Puts Out Nationwide Arrest Warrant For Christian Pastor Who Said Homosexuality Is A Sin At A Gay Pride Parade That Happened TWO YEARS AGO
According to a story coming out of Canada, a Christian pastor was issued with a nationwide arrest warrant for his preaching against homosexuality at a gay pride parade in 2016. Full disclosure, I don’t believe the approach the pastor had was the best. 

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