Saturday, 23 June 2018

"Five Women Working For Christian Missionary Group Raped At Gunpoint By Terrorists" And Much More from The Cutting Edge Shoebat Foundation!!

Five Women Working For Christian Missionary Group Raped At Gunpoint By Terrorists
Police are searching for a group of men who attacked a group of women working for a Christian missionary group and raped them at gunpoint: Five women working for a Christian missionary group were abducted and gang-raped by men who filmed their crime, police in eastern India said on Friday. 
Major Cardinal Of The Catholic Church Accused Of Being A Homosexual And Abusing Boys
A major Cardinal of the Catholic Church, Theodore McCarrick, has been accused of being a homosexual who abused boys: This has been a very long time coming: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C., has been removed from public ministry after a credible allegation he abused a teen 50 years ago.
Mississippi Man Rapes And Murders Two Nuns Just Because He Could
A Mississippi man was sentenced to life in prison after he raped and murdered two Catholic nuns in their home for no apparent reason other than he could: A Mississippi man admitted Thursday to killing two Roman Catholic nuns and pleaded guilty to murder in an agreement that would avoid the death penalty. 

Hundreds Of Priests And Preachers Petition Philippine Government To Pack Pistols For Personal Protection
In light of the violence being directed at priests and churches and following the murder of Fr. Richmond Nilo, at least 200 Catholic priests as well as Protestant ministers have submitted requests to carry firearms: Over 200 priests and preachers from other religious denominations want to carry firearms.

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