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In September, the United Nations General Assembly will consider a much anticipated resolution that would recognize a Palestinian State. ­This may come packaged with the dividing of Israel, the returning to pre-1967 borders, and will in all likelihood move Jerusalem's boundaries. ­Suffice it to say, this would fulfill a myriad of prophecies, one of which was recorded by Zechariah (12:1-3), regarding Jerusalem becoming a burdensome stone for the nations of the earth.

The United Nations are poised to vote in favour of creating a new Palestinian state, much to the chagrin of the Jewish people. There are often signs from the Lord of awesome judgment if the nations of the world move against His beloved Israel and Jerusalem.

Look what happened to Norway almost to the day their Prime Minister said he wanted Norway to be the first country to recognize a Palestinian state! The bombings and slayings illustrate what can happen to a people, when God's protection is removed from a nation who become so opposed to the plans of the Almighty.

Norway were one of the first countries to recognise the new nation of Israel back in 1948, but now the friendship has virtually disappeared. Back in February the Norwegian government gave the Israeli Embassy twelve months to move out of Oslo, knowing that it would be virtually impossible for them to find new landlords who are sympathetic to the Jewish cause.

The following article about Norway and their love for a terrorist who tried to bomb Israel is mind numbing!  Norway has been taken over by the Hard Left and is the leading anti-semitic country in Europe. Norway now has a taste of what Israelis live under. More trouble is coming to Norway as it charges ahead to divide Jerusaelm. Something Rotten in Norway

When the UN meets in September to discuss the possibility of a Palestiinian state, other events on the prophetic calendar are taking place.

In September, Egypt commences its first election since ousting President Hosni Mubarak, making a takeover by the anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood a real possibility. ­Pre-supposing that this happens this September, it has the propensity to put the puzzle pieces of Bible prophecy in place as it relates to Israel. ­A close look at Isaiah 19: 1-4 offers some very intriguing events which seem to reveal Biblical predictions coming true before our very eyes. Verse four warns Egypt in particular, and the world at large, of a despot to arrive on the scene: "I will hand the Egyptians over to the power of a cruel master, and a fierce king will rule over them" decalres the Lord, the LORD Almighty" (NIV). If not the antichrist, certainly a forerunner of him!

Also in September, what's being dubbed as "Comet Elenin" will enter into our inner­solar system and pass between the Earth and the Sun. ­Some are speculating and predicting that it may in fact be a what's called a "Dwarf Star," or even a planet, which if it is will bring darkness. ­What's interesting is not only when it happens; September 28th, but for how long it happens; three days! This has a Biblical significance.

Ed Vallowe in his book, "Biblical Mathematics, Keys to Scripture Numeric's," says; "Three is the number of resurrection, divine completeness and perfection. ...The number three is very prominent in the three­fold ascriptions in the Book of Revelation. Jesus Christ is spoken of as 'He which is and was and is to come".

­What's even more intriguing is the Biblical significance of the three days of darkness that Elenin causes, chief of which was at the crucifixion. ­There were three hours of darkness the day Jesus was crucified. Subsequent to the crucifixion He spent three days in the darkness of Hades. ­The Apostle Paul was blind and in darkness for three days, and the plague of darkness that struck Egypt in the Exodus, lasted for three days.

­Some argue the Rapture of the Church can't be on the Feast of Trumpets because Matthew 24:36 says we can't know the day or the hour. ­Actually, yes it can, here's why; Jesus used a Jewish idiom for the feast of Trumpets when He said that "no man knows the day or the hour." ­The Jews were unable to identify the exact start of the new moon which would begin the Feast of Trumpets, so it was celebrated for "3" days.

­It was for this reason that the Priests had to always be watching, and be ready, for the new moon in Jerusalem so they could blow the trumpet. ­When the trumpet sounded the feast began, but they all had to be ready, for they knew not the day nor the hour that the trumpet would sound. ­OK, can't today's technology pinpoint the moon's exact position? Usually Yes, but not if Comet Elenin brings darkness, and it would therefore be as a thief in the night!

Elenin is said to have a debris trail of around a million miles which it will pull through with it when it passes, allegedly, only 23 million miles from the earth. Also it is said to exhibit such pull on the earth that it has caused earthquakes in the past from a greater distance. There is a possibility of three days darkness, with earth being hit with debris that it pulls along in its wake, and with the sun being blocked by dust caused by massive upheaval resulting from major tidal waves, high pressure volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

Some prophecy buffs are stating that if these three days of darkness come to fruition, Israel may well take advantage of the opportunity by "getting their retaliation in first", and attack their sworn enemies of Hizbollah, Hamas, and Iran. The prophecy of Psalm 83 is looming on the horizon, as the Jewish state is surrounded by enemies demanding their total destruction.   

Also as the UN meets for the final session it will be the Hebrew Feast of Trumpets. As Elenin crosses the earth's orbit on October 16th it will be smack in the middle of the Feast of Tabernacles. Then we enter the comet's tail, which again many are speculating could case problems for the nations.

Either way if the council votes for a Palestinian state and the Security council (who have the final say) vote NO, there will be a war, or an uprising at the least against Israel.

If the security council vote YES,  you will have an uprising or a war because Israel will refuse to obey such a suicidal demand!!

God will not be mocked! His promises will come true for "the apple of His eye", His chosen people, and He will protect them during any impending battle or war. If this is the prelude to the prophetic Psalm, rejoice that it will be the Jews who emerge victorious.

Either way, the month of September is sure to provide some exciting events this year!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Understanding the Times by Jan Markell is the latest engrossing article from this prolific and respected Christian author from Olive Tree Ministries. We repeat it here for your interest and encouragement:

"A repeated theme coming into this office by e-mail is that loved ones - friends and family - will not listen when discerning people try to tell them about our world today. If a reference is made to end-time activity, people will often scoff and literally brush them away. Some just don't have ears to hear about any current issue. While this has always been the case, it seems to be accelerated today. And this is happening when issues are so serious you would think it would help people carry out their lives more effectively if they only understood the times from a biblical perspective.

Yes, the issues of the day are unsettling. A Muslim wanted to explode a WMD but was caught recently in Texas. Jihadists are everywhere. Syria is being armed to the teeth by Iran and Russia. A coming conflagration in the Middle East is imminent. America's economy is now further damaged by soaring prices. Will this country ever recover from what has been done to it by greedy and evil people? This issue alone has caused many to tune out and drop out. It is too tragic to watch this nation be eaten away by corruption and by some elected officials who do not seek America's good.

But I believe there are a whole host of reasons why folks have closed their ears. Let me list a few options and suggestions that may help those of you who feel rejected for simply sharing the truth:
  • As referenced above, the news today is too violent, frightening, troubling, and even shocking. Many want their minds and hearts to dwell on safer and more uplifting issues. Detaching from reality is a coping mechanism. There are many compassionate people. To keep hearing about wars, pain, suffering, injustice, weapons of mass destruction, persecution, jihad, and so much more breaks their hearts and spirits.
  • Some have programmed themselves as though they were living "in the days of Noah." Nobody wanted to listen then either. The last generation is compared to the days of Noah. Are we the last? We do not know. It would seem things are winding down and yet things could go on for decades.
  • Some have an end-time theology that says all believers will experience the worst of things outlined in the Bible. We will go through the Tribulation and even be here for the battle of Armageddon. While this is debatable to many, the real issue for all believers is how much will we have to go through before these events? Many don't believe in a rapture of the church. Others believe that will take place at the very end of the Tribulation or in the middle of it. They do not have that "blessed hope." While this ministry does not believe the church goes through the Tribulation, the purpose of this column is not to debate that. It is sad this issue has become so divisive. Arguing this, and often not in a friendly manner, is one of the most frequent communications we get. Church pulpits are silent on these topics and thus confusion and doubt reign.
  • The greatest sign people need to watch is Israel. Yet Replacement Theology (that the church has replaced the nation of Israel) dominates our churches today. Thus, many are left clueless that the countdown has begun. They feel life will go on for hundreds of years. There is nothing unusual about our generation. Believers who point to Israel, Middle East war, and related issues, are just "the sky is falling" people. We have always had wars and rumors of war they state.
  • There are enough pleasures in this life, so eternity can wait. They cannot listen to events that may touch their loved ones. What mother wants to contemplate horrors coming upon her children?
  • Many today are seduced by false teachers promising a perfect world (Dominion/Kingdom Now theology) that the church can and will bring in. Seeing and hearing about instability, the Middle East in chaos, a coming financial meltdown, and coming trials, doesn't fit their biblical agenda. Some of them believe in a global revival yet and wish to focus on that. While there are pockets of revival today, the Bible indicates judgment faces the earth some day.
  • Many know they are not right with God. They figure at the end of life they may do something about this. Right now, they want to enjoy life and tune out the world's troubles.
  • Some do not know the Bible well enough to understand that God takes care of His own. He will never leave us or forsake us. That does not mean, however, that we might not have to go through some serious things. John Loeffler has produced an excellent DVD we sell, The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West.
Reality can break all of our hearts. We are not weak or immature Christians because we ache for the world. But suffice it to say that all creation is groaning as we wait the return of the King of Kings to set this world free from bondage, sin, and sorrow.

In eternity, I first want to meet Noah. He preached his heart out, admittedly not with the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, or a sound system. But even in his corner of the world, mankind ignored him for 120 years. Finally, the ark door closed. Plugging the ears to the wise words of many today will bring about a disaster for some. So don't give up!

If Jesus Christ is not your Lord and Savior today, please don't run away from the truth-tellers. You only need to repent of your sins and invite Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life. This frightening world will be much less scary if you will do that. Then you can focus on eternity a lot more and deal with this throbbing planet more effectively.

Having said all of the above, one thing is certain: There is no time like the present to share the gospel! Millions of unbelievers are drowning their sorrows, fear, and uncertainty in destructive behavior. You might be surprised how open they are to hear the truth of the gospel. Or they may shun you but hide your words in their heart and act on them later when their life or the world falls apart. We are always to be ready with an answer for everyone. Their response is not your responsibility.

The Bible tells us that the world will implode eventually. It has nothing to do with the Mayans and their 2012 calendar suggestion! Everything has an end, but for the Christian, the end begins a glorious future! I can hardly wait. I hope to meet you all there! Your prayers for this ministry and me are greatly appreciated".

Jan Markel is the founder of Olive Tree Ministries, based in Minnesota, USA. Her website can be found at: