Monday, 3 July 2017

An Israeli’s perspective on the terrorist-murder perpetrated in London!!

An Israeli’s perspective on the terrorist-murder perpetrated in London

I am truly sorry, but with all the compassion I have towards the victims in London (and I truly do empathise with them), I really must say this: First and foremost, let me make something very clear! My condolences go out to the poor families who now have to face the nightmare of being bereaved families. We in Israel have been dealing with this nightmare for many years. There is nothing anyone can say in order to describe the pain of losing a friend or a family member to terror. Some of those who were injured will begin the long and tedious road to recovery, while others are forced to learn to live a new reality with injuries that are irreversible.

Ramming and stabbing attacks? Does that shock you, England? Are you shocked to the bottom of your souls that there are terrorists out there who feel they are doing some kind of holy act by murdering innocent people? BOKER TOV! (GOOD MORNING!)

Now imagine for just a second that the world powers get together and point a finger at YOU. Imagine they say it is because of you, England, that these terrorists are frustrated, and then the world accepts some insensitive and offensive “justifying” explanation of the terrorists decision to ram their car into a crowd and then exit the car and start stabbing innocent bystanders. Now stop imagining, because this is what we in Israel have been facing every time terrorists murder Jews in the Land of Israel.

You, England, along with the rest of the world, have excused and explained terror that has been murdering Jews here in Israel with all kinds of buzz words. I am sure you weren't being intentionally insensitive when you told us to behave with restraint while we were burying our dead who were murdered by those you are trying to force us into making a deal with.

I am sure you might have really believed those who murdered us Jews when they said all they want is a State. You closed your ears and eyes when the leader of the people you want us to make a deal with praised the murder of Jews who were stabbed in Jerusalem. Your news channels stayed silent as our people were being bombarded by missiles that came from areas that we completely pulled out from (what you would like us to do from other parts of our ancestral land), and then you woke up with fervour as you reported our reaction.

You spoke of our “disproportionate” force and how innocent people are being killed in Gaza, but you forgot to mention that those firing the missiles are firing them from schools and hospitals. You ignored the terror and then turned on Israel who was reacting to terror, while shaking your finger at us for reacting. 

Take a close look at your own disgusting hypocritical reporting. When it hits Israel, you turn the terrorists into the victims ...

 "It’s not what you look at that matters; It’s what you see."  - Henry David Thoreau

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