Thursday, 15 December 2011


Dear Friends,

Further to my announcement last week regarding the withdrawing of their services from Revelation TV by Jacob Prasch, Bob Mitchell, Brian Gemmell, and Alan Franklin, there have been further developments.

One of our PWMI council members, Dr Paul Wilkinson, was due to appear twice on RTV last week on Simon Barrett's "Middle East Update", and indeed had already recorded the programmes with Simon for transmission.

In case you tuned in and were wondering why he did not appear, Paul's senior Pastor, Andrew Robinson, at his Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church in Stockport, decided to withdraw Paul's services from the station.

In a letter to RTV, Pastor Andrew stated that he did not want his, or Paul's ministry, to be aired on a television channel supporting Jesse Duplantis, as this was alien to their ministry.

They have done some deep and meaningful research into the truth of Christian Palestinianism (which was the topic to be discussed on RTV), and would not want their research to be compromised in any way, by giving the impression that they agreed with the teachings of the Word Of Faith movement. Andrew and Paul have exposed the errors of their teaching many times in the past, and did not want to be associated with it in any form. When contacted, and the situation explained to him, Colin Le Noury, the General Director of the PWMI fully endorsed this decision.

It is understood that there will be no personnel from the PWMI appearing on RTV in the foreseeable future, unless Howard Conder stops giving preference to the heretical money preachers such as Jesse Duplantis.

Dr Paul Wilkinson (pictured).


PS. Below, I repeat last week's comment on this serious matter.


I am very sorry to announce that our good friends Jacob Prasch, Bob Mitchell, and Brian Gemmell have all resigned from Revelation TV, and will not be offering their services to Howard and Lesley Conder and their team anymore.

This also includes the "live" TV show with Bob Mitchell and Brian Gemmell, which was due to be aired this coming Saturday evening!

These three great men of God have all searched their consciences, and have decided that they cannot appear on a TV channel which also promotes heretics such as Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, and many of the other money-grabbing "Word of Faith" television "evangelists"!

Friends, we are in the last days, and there are many Biblical warnings of deception, and the rise of such heretics in the latter days, who "preach another gospel and another jesus"! Let them be accursed as Paul puts it in Galatians chapter one.

Please write to Revelation TV, to Howard and Lesley Conder, and to Doug Harris to express your shock and disappointment, and possibly withdraw your funding if the Lord leads you this way after careful prayer and meditation in Him.

We need people like Jacob, Bob, and Brian to be on the airways proclaiming the truth as we enter the prophesied scenario leading up to the Rapture, and the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Another great end time teacher, Alan Franklin, had already pulled out before these last three exits from the station. Sadly, Howard is going the way of the God TV channel, and allowing their viewers to be deceived!!


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