Wednesday, 10 May 2017


16,000 Christians Are Now Hiding In Giant Catholic Cathedral To Escape Violence As Soldiers Slaughter Them

16,000 Christians are said to be hiding in a Catholic Cathedral in Sudan, trying to take refuge from the horrific violence that has been rampant in the region on account of a devastating civil war. According to the report: 

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Patriotic American Tells School Board to Cut Out The Teaching of “The Peaceful Religion”

Posted by Keith Davies Chris Wyrick a resident of San Diego, tired of the PC fools in his school district tell his school board what he thinks. Worth a watch and inspiration to us all to tell each and every school board in this country to stop their sucking up to CAIR and the left […]
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Major American Christian Leader Calls Out America’s ‘Sins’ Yet Fails To Mention How America Loves What God Hates


Recently the National Day of Prayer was held, and Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of famed Protestant Evangelist Billy Graham concluded with a prayer for 12 of “America’s national sins.”: Anne Graham Lotz, a renowned evangelist and Billy Graham’s daughter, concluded the 2017 National Day of Prayer by leading those gathered for the observance at the […]

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The Ark Of The Covenant Has Been Discovered Two Millenia Ago And Is Found In Bethlehem And With Its Discovery Expect A Coming War And Heavy Persecution


Many labored in finding the lost Ark when this whole time it was placed right in front of them in Bethlehem two millennia ago. One secret that is rarely understood to finding this Ark was hidden in Psalm 132 and in plain view. 

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Senior Iranian Defence Minister Threatening To Obliterate Saudi Arabia And Is Working On Gaining Nukes From North Korea Even Threatening to Destroy Mecca


Everyone was worried about North Korea’s nuclear missiles hitting the United States when this whole time there is more concern that North Korea are giving these missiles to Iran to nuke Saudi Arabia and now Iran just made a direct threat that they will obliterate Saudi Arabia. 

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Muslim Government Bulldozes Church And Arrests Christians Right Before Services Begin


Sudan is one of the most difficult places to be a Christian in as the government is ruthlessly persecuting Christians and destroying their churches. Over the weekend, Sudanese officials destroyed another church and arrested Christians just as services were about to begin.

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Muslim Judge Sentences Christian Man To Death 

Imagine being sentenced to life in prison on charges for which there is no evidence because it was completely made up. Yet that is what happens with Christians throughout the Muslim world, who are routinely sentenced to harsh prison terms and even death on so evidence but simply because they are Christians. 

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