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Russia says US air strikes in Syria came ‘within an inch’ of military clash with their forces

By John McTernan and Georgann Ryan on Apr 07, 2017 10:54 pm
Syria is one of the flashpoints for WW3 and right now it is red hot. The US and Russia are now almost rubbing elbows in Syria. This is extremely dangerous since this conflict could explode into a confrontation between the US and Russia. The utter destruction of Damascus is a key sign of the Day of the Lord and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This also is happening at the same time that the problem with North Korea is red hot. Remember China backs North Korea like Russia backs Syria.
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God’s Modern Timeline for Israel converging in 2017

By JohnMcTernan on Apr 07, 2017 05:41 pm
The rebirth of the nation of Israel is unique among all the nations in history. Starting in 600 BC, the nation was totally destroyed, not once but twice. Amazingly, after each destruction, it came back into existence. Not only was the nation destroyed twice, but each time nearly all of the people were taken captive into foreign countries. Yet they returned to the land. All this points to the uniqueness of Israel. This nation is not like the others because it is based on an everlasting covenant with God!
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