Friday, 9 August 2013


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The famous American actor SYLVESTER STALLONE has made a very important decision in his life. Did he film another movie? NO. He has surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and announced it to the public several days ago. However, there's hardly been any information about it. If he had announced he was GAY, the TV shows and all the media and newspapers would have given it full coverage. Why hasn't this announcement -accepting Jesus as Saviour- not hit the news? Because it has no rating, it pays no publicity and it is politically dangerous. I have therefore decided to announce it here, in Facebook, because there was a great celebration that took place in Heaven. Let's all share this and celebrate it! MY LOVE TO YOU, DEAR BROTHER SYLVESTER!

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  1. That's new report is false. He actually grew up a catholic and has continued down that path throughout his career, sometimes moreso, sometimes less so. There has been no specific recent claim that he has suddenly become a Christian. He has considered himself a Christian for most of his life. He even has interviews from when the Rocky movie was made where he talks about Jesus, faith and life. Maybe you don't consider his existing faith legitimate?ni don not know. But I can say that he hasn't recently made any announcements contrary or different to his previous announcements from many years ago regarding his faith.