Thursday, 23 May 2013


Further to my earlier thoughts on "THE WELSH OUTPOURING" taking place in Cwmbran, things seem to have gone very quiet lately!

Still no podcasts on the Victory Church website after April 23rd, which is the same as in my previous posting of nearly a week ago. Also no more "inspirational" clips or videos on Youtube since April 24th, the fifteenth night of this so called "revival".

As I stated in my previous item, I work in Cwmbran six days a week, and nothing has changed! In fact, if I had not been alerted to "this outpouring" by a Christian friend, I would not even know it is currently going on! As stated before, most people I talk to have not even heard of this so-called outpouring, and those who know of it are tending to steer well clear "of the strange phenomena" taking place there.

There is certainly no major Christian event taking place there, as Pastor Taylor would like to have us believe! In fact Cwmbran, like most towns in the depressed valleys of South Wales, just continues in its usual manner with God-less people rushing about performing their secular activities, and wanting either nothing or very little to do with the saving grace of our Great God and Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ.

Where is the true spirit of revival where people are repenting in tears and bringing the good news of Jesus to Cwmbran itself, and to Torfaen and Gwent, and the rest of South Wales? Local churches have not been inspired to join in with this "revival", in fact, most seem to avoid it!

So why is Pastor Taylor taking his message to other places when he is not succeeding in Cwmbran? He has gone to the infamous and ultra charismatic church of Kensington Temple in London, as well as the Kings Church in Burgess Hill in Sussex, but little is happening in Cwmbran itself except for the claims of the "faithful" at Victory Church in its remote setting!

We are now well into the second month of this "outpouring", five nights a week from 7pm with very little in between. Surely we have given Richard, led by the Holy Spirit, enough time to move this "revival" on to Cwmbran, Newport, Pontypool, and all of the surrounding areas?

He has stated that this "outpouring" will affect every church, chapel, and fellowship in Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland! I am beginning to doubt this very much! Call me a sceptic if you wish, but I think the claims of this man are outrageous! He is a Christian, and he means well, but he is going far beyond his remit, and the likelihood is that his false claims will come back to haunt him as a false prophet!

For more coverage of this "Welsh Outpouring", please go to our sister blog where we are covering it in more detail. The link is:

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  1. There is no 'outpouring' in Wales. There are some would-be 'prophets' who have decided that they will promote their own 'brand' of revival. But true revival is God's work and always bears His hallmark. This so-called 'outpouring' does not do so in any manner or form. This is perhaps just a reinterpretation of 'Toronto' and will, in time, fall apart and leave a load more disillusioned pundits scouring the country for another 'fresh move of God' .They boast of 56 children coming every week as though this were some evidence of revival. My own team shared the gospel with 10,000 children not so long ago here in the UK, with 1,500 of the children posting in written responses.
    There is only one true type of revival. When it comes it will not be a platform star trying to get followers, or some fancy-pants American television 'Christian' guru laughing or throwing people on their backs. Revival is God Himself visiting His creation. Sin is exposed, and true, deep repentance the only way to get right with God.
    Any old fool can put on a show these days, but only God brings conviction of sin and holiness of life.
    The platform is crowded with personalities. When God comes they will all get kicked off and sent home.

    John Masters

  2. Thanks John for your very informative comment.

    Must say that I agree with everything you say.

    Praise God for the work you do for Him and the number of people you are reaching in your ministry.

    The Lord Bless You Richly,